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healthy and delicious
Bread (Schwarzbrot)

Sourdough black bread... It is healthy and delicious with carefully prepared sourdough, rye flour and walnuts.
Those who taste German bread, which is famous for its delicious smell and taste, prefer our brand.

Sourdough and delicious Schwarzbrot, prepared with a special recipe and the expertise of award-winning German chefs. Sourdough bread lovers look for our flavor, and those who find it recommend it to everyone.
Gurmania - Schwarzbrot
Gurmania - Schwarzbrot
Our famous German breads with walnut and sourdough, sunflower seed and sourdough, dried tomato and sourdough, and plain sourdough varieties can become indispensable items on your tables.
The Real Flavor
The special rye flour we brought from Germany to achieve the same perfect taste. Breads that will make an enthusiast of you if you haven't tasted them yet, and will easily become a habit for you if you have tasted them before...
Gurmania - Schwarzbrot